Monday, August 10, 2009

My first REAL blog

Entry #1 August 9, 2009

Hello! Wooooooow. This is my first REAL blog. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of being a “blogger”. Is it an opportunity for me to keep up with the “new thing” or simply a way for me to redeem myself for all of the papers I literally threw together for my writing classes in high school and in college??? Or am I finally doing what my creative writing professors wished I would do in their classes? “Just write.” How about this… Will I have to censor my thoughts and feelings? Do I write about subjects that are interesting to others or to me? Or both? I guess it doesn’t matter. What seems to matter most, right now, is telling you what and how I’m feeling. Why? Well, can I be a little selfish? I guess this blog will serve as therapy for me. Hey, I am NOT so proud or so presumptuous to think that I don’t need therapy! I have a good friend who says, “It is better on the outside!” In other words, let it out. Get it out. Talk it out. Good and/or bad. I believe there is healing in that. Let’s do it together. In addition to that, my blog will be my way of keeping you updated on my music and… great restaurants and…. telling you about my babies and how important God is to me and, well… you get it. You game? I thought so. I hope that you will enjoy this journey with me and I pray that you get as much out of it as I already have! I think I’m excited. Or is it the 16oz of coffee I had this morning? I feel like a squirrel. This blog was supposed to be 150 words or less. Great. Until the next blog, LOVE! Heard this today:

“You may not be where you want to be, but CELEBRATE and APPRECIATE where you ARE.”

–Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Sr.

That’s a word!!!!! I love it! SHINE y’all!


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Who is AVERY*Sunshine? “I am a self-proclaimed therapist! I want to start the conversation that will lead to individual healing and in turn will affect our collective healing. Let’s get people talking about their experiences so that we can learn from them, grow from them and more importantly, move on from them. ”

AVERY*Sunshine is a native of Chester, PA where she nurtured a natural talent by singing in church and leading and directing choirs. A former member of the renowned Wilmington/Chester Mass Choir, she honed her vocal instrument and sharpened her ability to play piano in her hometown, then headed south to Atlanta, GA where she attended Spelman College. Though far from home, she was never far from her one true love – music. She embodies it. She lives to express through it. But AVERY’s talent couldn’t be contained within the walls and stained glass of the church for very long. Making her mark on the Atlanta-soul music scene, she and her Spelman sister, Broadway talent Maia Wilson, teamed up to form the singing duo DaisyRew; and later AVERY lent her voice to the soundtrack for Paramount Pictures’ THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS. In 2005, she was hired as lead keyboardist for Tyler Perry’s stage play MEET THE BROWNS, and last year she was sought out by vocal great Jennifer Holiday to be choral director for the theatrical production of DREAMGIRLS during the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta. AVERY*Sunshine recently made history with daily performances at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO and four private events during the 2009 Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

With vocals and lyrics that are thick and strong yet jazzy-smooth, coined ‘jazzgosoul’ by a personal friend, it’s easily recognized that AVERY*Sunshine has been singing all her life. However her sound and her music is perfected in collaboration with her musical partner Dana Johnson, a classically trained guitarist, gifted lyricist, producer and the man behind the tracks. What started in church at a young age has been refined by experience as she stands ready to proclaim her own story with her first CD project. “In the album I sing about my life – being a divorced mother of two, aging, being mean to the person I love. I sing about the possibility of being a single woman – indefinitely; as well as the feeling of being in love with my man before I even meet him. I also sing about the promise of God; the promise that He will never leave me or forsake me. The idea of never being left alone somehow makes things easier to deal with. Burdens seem lighter.”

Intent on shining by sharing her song with the world, AVERY wants you too to give yourself permission to “Get Your Shine On!” Whatever it may be. Are you getting your shine on? Are you using the gifts that God has given you? Are you walking in your calling? Let’s get started.